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Japan Marketing Association

offers three different courses, a "Basic Course " and “Executive Marketing Course”, each of which suits the specific needs of marketers. The "Basic Course" is an intensive training course, comprehensively covering knowledge necessary in marketing and the skills essential for new marketers. The "Executive Marketing Course" trains marketing executives. The purposes of the course are to deepen practical and theoretical knowledge and to foster insights in problem-solving.

JMA Marketing Master Course endows professional marketers with valid qualifications. This intensive course consists of 220 sessions during a nine month period. Marketers with both business and academic experiences prepare curriculums and instruct sessions. Students also work on a master’s thesis, and, upon completion, receive a Marketing Master, certified by JMA. The course covers four categories: marketing strategies, the product, the consumer and marketing communication. Students master advanced marketing skills and knowledge.

As business environments change overnight, creative strategies are essential in today's marketing. JMA organizes study groups to keep abreast of new challenges in marketing. These groups focus on such topics as e-marketing, mobile marketing, marketing science, generation analysis, etc.

The JMA Marketing Research Committee conducts basic research and JMA members can access reports on this research. JMA also provides research information and proposals to marketers.

JMA invites speakers from a variety of backgrounds to give their perspectives on the latest topics.

The Japan Marketing Association publishes periodicals for the benefits of JMA members. "JMA Marketing Journal" is a quarterly academic research magazine edited by marketing scholars. "JMA Marketing Horizon" is a monthly marketing news periodical edited by experienced JMA practitioners. All publications are printed in Japanese.

The "Marketing Mind Basic Course" provides an opportunity for JMA Kansai members to learn basic skills and gain knowledge in marketing. The "Power-up Seminar" focuses on marketing research, marketing strategies and product development. "Project Research" studies topical issues and conducts research.

The Kansai Chapter holds monthly gatherings which promote communication among its members and where they can build friendships. The chapter also organizes a biannual marketing symposium. "Asia Study Tour" provides participants with first-hand observation of lively Asian business situations.

The Kyushu Chapter was established in May, 1988. This chapter promotes communication among JMA members and local industries.

The Kyushu Chapter offers four education programs, "Basic Academy", "Marketing Research Meetings", "Planning Skills Development Seminar", and "Executive Management Seminar" for every level of marketers. Marketing Seminars select problems on distribution and consumption in hope that these seminars will generate activity among local businesses.

Since its foundation in 1990, the Hokkaido Chapter has endeavored to promote local industries through its marketing programs.

"Marketing Academy Basic Course" provides an opportunity for its members to learn the basic skills and knowledge of marketing. Marketing Seminars invite speakers to give their perspectives on new problems.

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