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Global Activities And Global Marketing

The Japan Marketing Association hosted the Asia Marketing Executive Conference at the Keidanren Hall on February 26, 2008. The conference invited top marketing executives from China, Korea, Hong Kong and India, and discussed the future of greater Asian market and successful marketing strategies in this dynamically changing region.

The Japan Marketing Association hosted the World Marketing Conference at the Tokyo International Forum on April 13 and 14, 1998. Most of the discussions focused on new problems of business and marketing, and the conference investigated current marketing methodologies in search for a new paradigm in this multi-valued society.

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Overseas Marketing Study Tours provide valuable opportunities for participants to expose themselves to international marketing experiences. This variety of tours include the "Executive Seminar Tour," the "International Study Tour for Female Marketers", and the "International Conference Tour." JMA also organizes study tours to rapidly growing Asian countries and regions.

JMA invites globally active scholars and business persons to provide opportunities for marketers to learn about international problems and to foster their global perspectives.

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